ABC Plaster 1Pc

Long-lasting heat plaster for the relief of back and muscular pain

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ABC Plaster 1Pc

• ABC Plaster is a natural healing plaster.
• with the soft extract of cayenne pepper that provides long-lasting intensive heat to reduce pain sensation that leads to the relaxation of muscles, backache, stiff neck, rheumatism, and neuralgia.
• ABC Plaster has a soft, elastic plaster material that easily adjusts to body movements.

Active ingredients:
Cayenne pepper, , , ,

• ABC Plaster used as supportive aid externally for the relief of muscle pain.

How to use:
• After removing the backing paper, apply the plaster on dry skin directly over the area of pain.
• Press firmly and smooth down. Ensure that the entire painful area is covered.
• If required, the plaster can be cut to any size.

Points of interest:
•ABC Plaster size: 22 × 14 cm
• Do not use it on broken skin or wounds.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Store ABC Plaster in a cool dry place.
• For external use only.

Made in:

1 Pcs.

Store at room temperature.