ACM Depiwhite.S SPF 50 Cream 50 ml

A sunscreen cream that provides superior protection for the skin against ultraviolet rays that cause skin pigmentation.



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ACM Depiwhite.S SPF 50 Cream 50 mL

ACM Depiwhite.S Sunscreen Cream provides superior, long-lasting UV protection.
It features a light, non-comedogenic, non-greasy formula that does not irritate the skin.
ACM Depiwhite.S Sunscreen Cream has a fast-absorbing formula and is suitable for all skin types.
The cream is enriched with plant extracts that reduce melanin production, which causes pigmentation.
It also contains a mixture of sunscreen filters that provide high protection from UV rays.
ACM Depiwhite.S Sunscreen Cream provides up to 6 hours of sun protection.

Active Ingredients:
Titanium Dioxide, Glycol.
Benefits of ACM sunscreen cream:
- Provides high sun protection.
- Moisturizes the skin and softens its texture.
- Reduces the appearance of pigmentation and sunburn.
- Rejuvenates the skin and evens its tone.;
How to use ACM sunscreen:
- Apply a sufficient amount to your skin 30 minutes before sun exposure.
- Reapply when sweating or after swimming.

- Size: 50 ml
- Made in France