Aldomet 250Mg 30 Tablets

Aldomet is prescribed to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) in pregnant woman.

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Aldomet 250 mg 30 Tablets

An Anti-adrenergic drug that has an effect on the central nervous system, and converted to Alphamethylnorepinephrine by enzymes which is an agonist of the peripheral nervous system α2 adrenergic receptors and this will lead to activation of this receptors so that leading to inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system and consequently leading to lowering the blood pressure.

• Hypertension.

Points of interest:
• This medication may cause dizziness especially at the start of the treatment, do not drive or operate machinery until you know how it affects you.
• This medication may cause dizziness, get up from lying or sitting position gradually to avoid dizziness on standing.

How to use:
As per as direction of doctor.

Active Ingredients:

Side effects:
• Sedation.
• Dizziness.
• Tiredness.
• Dry mouth.

• Monitor blood counts and liver function before treatment and at intervals during first 6-12 weeks or if unexplained fever occurs.

• MAOIs: the manufacturer of methyldopa advises to avoid concomitant use with MAOIs.
• Lithium: neurotoxicity may occur when methyldopa given with lithium without increased plasma concentration of lithium.
• Salbutamol: acute hypotension is reported when methyldopa is given with salbutamol.
• NSAIDs: the hypotensive effect of methyldopa is antagonized by NSAIDs.

30 Tablets.

How to store:
Keep at room temperature.

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