American Creations B Complex Soft Gels 30'S for nerve health

A food supplement contains B vitamins to strengthen nerves, and eyes, reduce fatigue, and improve brain function.


American Creations

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American Creations B Complex 30 Softgels 

American Creation B Complex capsules contain a group of B vitamins that are important for improving the functioning of nerve cells and neurotransmitters.
It's used to promote energy production, support brain function and cardiovascular health and maintain the health of eyes, skin, and hair.
Vitamin B complex can be used for pregnancy or breastfeeding because:
It contains folic acid with Vit B which have an important role in fetal brain development, and reducing the risk of birth defects.
Also, can be used for people who have diabetes because it relieves diabetic neuropathy and prevents insomnia and depression.
We must note: If you're not consuming an adequate amount of vitamin B, you may develop vitamin B deficiency, which increases the risk of:
1- Anemia.
2- Digestive issues.
3- Peripheral Neuropathy.
4- Skin infections or eczema.
5- Osteoporosis.
American Creations B Complex Benefits:
- It is used to strengthen the nerves and in cases of numbness of the extremities.
- It is used to strengthen muscles and increase energy levels.
- Vitamin b Complex is useful for hair as it prevents hair loss.
- Stimulates immunity and supports heart and brain functions.;
How To Use American Creations B Complex:
- Adults: It is recommended to take one or two capsules daily with food, or as directed by a physician.
- Size: 30 Softgels.
- Made in USA.