Aprovit Plus Syrup 150ml

A multivitamin product that contains queen bee food , consisting of natural amino acids for the child's immunity , improves appetite and the immune system.

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Aprovit Plus Syrup 150Ml

Aprovit Plus Syrup 150Ml contains amino acids, Royal Jelly, Echinacea and Multi Vitamins product, for Children Immunity and Growth.
- Improves children appetite and their immune system
- Enhances growth children growth
Infants 2 - 4 Years: 2.5 ml, once daily.
Children 4 - 7 Years: 5 ml, once daily.
Children 7 - 14 Years: 5 ml, twice daily.

Benefit Or Uses :
Useful for Iron deficiencies, Anaemia, Skin infection, improves appetite and the immune system.

Direction For Uses :
5 mL 2 to 3 times daily before meals.

Active Ingredients :
Iron , Vitamin B6 , Zinc , Niacinamide , Magnesium Chloride.

How To Storage :
room temperature.

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