Aspirin Protect 100mg as blood clotting

Aspirin Protect used to prevent thrombosis of cerebrovascular or cardiovascular disease and in following by-pass surgery.

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Aspirin Protect 100 mg - 20 tablets
acetylsalicylic acid

Preventing Heart Attacks to confirmed high risk people
CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) is the leading cause of death worldwide.

The annual mortality rate from CVD is predicted to rise to 23.6 million by 2030.

45,000 additional lives would be saved each year if we increased to 90 percent the portion of [at-risk] adults who take aspirin daily to prevent heart disease

Low-dose aspirin is used to help prevent heart attacks as well as recurrent clot-related strokes (ischemic), and TIAs (Transient Ischemic Attacks, also known as mini-strokes) in people who are at Confirmed high risk.

• Prevention of thrombotic cerebrovascular or cardiovascular disease and following by-pass surgery.
• Reduction of inflammation.
• Analgesia (relief of pain).

Active Ingredient:
Acetyl Salicylic Acid.

Side effects:
• Irritation of the stomach or intestines.

• Systemic mastocytosis.
• Low vitamin k levels.
• Joint disorder due to excess uric acid in the blood called gout.
• Anemia.
• Hemophilia.
• Decrease blood clotting (protein prothrombin).
• Blood clotting disorder - von willebrand's disease.
• Decreased blood platelets.

• Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin).

How to use:
Dose 1 tablet once daily.

Dosage Form:

20 Tablets.

How to store:
keep at room temperature.