Avalon Foot Cream 100 ml

A moisturizing cream that helps treat and prevent cracks and severe dryness in the foot and maintains skin moisture.


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Avalon Foot Cream 100 ml

Avalon Foot Cream helps your skin get its daily moisture needs to prevent dryness.
It soothes the painful symptoms associated with cracks, removes dead skin layers, and protects the skin from exposure to infections.
It contains moisturizing and soothing substances that enhance skin softness, improve the appearance of cracks in the heels.
Avalon Foot Cream Benefits:
- Reduces foot cracks.
- Moisturizes skin and increases skin elasticity.
- Removes dead skin and regenerates cells.
- Reduces rough feet and heels.;
Active ingredients:
• Glycerin:
- Improves skin elasticity.
- Accelerates the healing of cracks.
• Vaseline:
- Forms an insulating layer for the skin.
- Treats roughness of the skin.
- Improves skin softness.
• Paraffin Oil:
- Increases skin softness.
- Reduces skin cracking.
- Relieves foot roughness.
How to use Avalon Foot Cream:
- Apply a layer of Avalon cream to the foot twice a day or as often as needed.
- Size: 100 ml.
- Made in KSA