Avalon K-Jelly Lubricating Gel 115 g

A non-greasy lubricant gel that is used for sexual intercourse or as a surgical lubricant during laparoscopy.


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Avalon K-Jelly Lubricating Gel 115 g

Avalon Lubricating Gel is a multi-use gel that is easy to clean due to its water-based nature and light texture.
The lubricant contributes to reducing pain during intercourse, without reducing the chances of pregnancy and without causing skin irritation.
Avalon gel does not stain clothes as it can be easily cleaned with water, and it is transparent and non-greasy.
K-Jelly Lubricating Gel benefits:
- Prevents vaginal dryness.
- Reduces skin friction.
- Reduces intercourse pain;
How to use K-Jelly Lubricating Gel:
- Use a small amount of the product on your hands, rub it slightly, and then apply it to the desired area.
- Size: 115 g.
- Made in KSA