Biocyte Water Detox Draining 112 g food supplement

Water Detox Draining is a food supplement, formulated with delicious fruits and plants, which helps drainage of the body

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Biocyte Water Detox Draining 112 g 

Water Detox Draining is the ideal summer treat that will take good care of your body.
It contains HIBISCUS extract that contributes to the maintenance of normal liver functions, and Choline which enhances the renal elimination of water.

Benefits Of Water Detox:

• Detoxification of the body.
• Protection of the urinary system.

Active Ingredients:


How to use:

Pour 250 ml of water over 2 heaping measuring spoons (i.e. 16 g) and shake until completely dissolved.
Drink one time a day.
Drink it cold.

Points of interest :
Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only.


112 g

Stores at room temperature.