Biocyte Water Detox Slimming 112 g To loss weight

Water Detox Slimming is a drink mix powder with a delicious natural peach flavor that assists loss of weight

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Biocyte Water Detox Slimming 112 g

Biocyte Water Detox Slimming is a food supplement in form of powder which is composed of delicious fruits and plants. It effectively helps with weight loss.
Your organism may have difficulties getting rid of toxins, that is why Water Detox Slimming will allow eliminating the toxins.

Benefits Of Biocyte Water Detox:

• Detoxification of the body.
• Weight loss.

Active Ingredients:

How to use:

• Pour 250 ml of water over 4 level measuring spoons and shake until completely dissolved.
• Drink one time a day
• Drink cold.


112 g

Stores at room temperature.