Butler Gum Denture Brush 1 Pc

A brush that is used to clean dentures and maintain their hygiene and freshness.


Butler Gum

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Butler Gum Denture Brush 1 Pc 

Butler Gum denture brushes are specially designed to clean dentures thoroughly and effectively.
The design of the denture cleaning brush is characterized by its double head, one is large flat and the other is small tapered.
Large flat head with flat bristles is suitable for cleaning smooth surfaces of dentures effectively.
Small tapered head with a single strand for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and crevices.
Butler's denture brush features soft and gentle bristles, yet effective at removing stains, bacteria and food particles.
The toothbrush is also easy to clean and keep clean when stored so it stays clean and dry between uses.
Butler Gum Denture Brush Benefits:
• Configured brush heads efficiently clean dentures in 2 different ways.
• Removes plaque, food particles, and debris from denture surfaces.
• Capable of reaching hard-to-reach areas.;
- Large flat head.
- Small pointed head.
- Comfortable, cushioned handle.
- Nylon bristles.
How To Use Butler Gum Denture Brush:
• It is recommended to use the Butler Gum Denture Brush at least two times daily, particularly after eating.
• Size: 1 piece
• Made in China