Care Well Adults Convex Black Eye Protector

An eye cover that helps protect the eyes from light and external rays

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Care Well Adults Convex Black Eye Protector 

Convex Black Eye Protector that is made of ultra-soft fabric, comfortable to use and allows the eyes to move freely.
Equipped with an elastic band to hold the eye cover in place, giving you freedom of movement.
It block out the light, protect the eyes from external rays and also protect the eye pad.

• The Eye Protector helps block external rays and light.
• Protects the affected eye from harmful external factors and pollutants.
• Black Eye Protector protects the eye pad.

How to use:
• Follow the instructions included with Convex Black Eye Protector package.

Point of interest:
• Suitable for adult use only.
• Be sure that the Eye Protector allows movement of the eyes.
• Keep black eye protectors out of children's reach.

Made in: China.

Quantity: One piece.

Store at room temperature.