Cetaphil Brightening Night Comfort Cream 50 g

A night cream to unify skin tone that is used to treat pigmentation and dark spots and prevent their reappearance, thus preserving skin luminous. ​



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Cetaphil Brightening Night Comfort Cream 50 g

Cetaphil Brightening Night Comfort Cream provides comprehensive care, deep hydration, and immediate skin lightening, unifying its color and increasing freshness.
The cream addresses five common symptoms of skin sensitivity: weak skin barrier, dryness, irritation, roughness, and skin tightness.
Featuring Gentle Bright technology, it reduces the appearance of dark spots on the skin and restores a uniform color and natural shine.
Enriched with sea daffodil extract to lighten the color and severity of spots and niacinamide to even skin tone.
The cream boasts a gentle formula suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, combining moisturizing and pigmentation- treating substances.

Active ingredients:
Gentle Bright Technology, Sea Daffodil Extract, Niacinamide.

Benefits of Cetaphil Night Cream:
- Treats pigmentation and dark spots.
- Unifies skin tone.
- Maintains skin hydration.
- Suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use:
Apply the cream daily before bedtime on clean skin.

More information:
- Free of perfume.
- Non- irritating.
- Recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin.

Made in:
South Korea

50 g

Store at room temperature