Dalton Multi Tasking Amp 5*2 ml

Mattifying ampoules helps to control oil production and removes shine, giving your skin a healthy and fresh looking.



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Dalton Multi Tasking Amp 5*2 ml

Dalton Multi- Tasking Ampoules contain a lightweight formula that helps to mattify skin oily skin.
The ampoules boost skin hydration, maintain skin balance, and leave it feeling fresh.
Dalton Multi- Tasking Ampoules benefits:
- Give you shine- free skin for up to 8 hours.
- Controls oil production.
- Prevents skin from drying out.
- Improves skin’s overall appearance.;
Active ingredients:
• Hyaluronic acid:
- Provides deep hydration.
- Plumps skin.
- Prevents dryness.
• Silica:
- Gives skin a healthy glow.
- Nourishes skin.
- Strengthens skin.
• Marine exopolysaccharides:
- Removes excess oil.
- Controls sebum production.
- Hydrates skin.
• Algae:
- Nourishes and hydrates skin.
- Protects skin from external aggressors.
How to use Dalton Multi- Tasking Ampoules:
- Use one ampule twice a week.
- Apply to the face, and neck and decollate then massage gently.
- Size: 5×2 ml
- Made in Germany