Dalton Ohmyblush Amp 5*2 ml

Ampoules improve blood microcirculation in order to give you rosy and plumper skin.



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Dalton Ohmyblush Amp 5*2 ml

Dalton Ohmyblush Ampoules is formulated to give you a rosy effect and healthy skin by boosting blood circulation and collagen production.
The ampules make your skin appear plumper and radiant.
Dalton Ohmyblush Ampoules help to protect the skin from external aggressors to maintain its health.
Dalton Ohmyblush Ampoules Benefits:
- Offer a natural blush effect.
- Provide intense hydration.
- Protect skin against oxidative stress.
- Fight premature aging.;
Active ingredients:
• Caffeine:
- Boosts microcirculation.
- Has an antioxidant effect.
- Improves skin health.
• Hyaluronic acid:
- Plumps and firms the skin.
- Decreases wrinkles and fine lines.
- Provides long- lasting and deep hydration.
• Red Algae:
- Improves skin elasticity.
- Reduces wrinkles.
- Maintains skin hydration.
How to use Dalton Ohmyblush Ampoules:
- Apply one ampoule twice a week.
- Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin.
- Size: 5× 2 ml
- Made in Germany