Ecrinal Ampoules ANP 40 8*5mL - Anti-hair loss

Anti Hair Loss Ampoules



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Ecrinal Ampoules ANP 40- 8×5 ml

•The ECRINAL ANP 2+ Ampoules stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. These ampoules are A.N.P. 2+ concentrate, which stands for: Natural Dander Activator, an exclusively patented active ingredient by ASEPTA Laboratories made from vegetable oils.
•These vials constitute an anti-hair loss and fortifying treatment. They contain a high concentration in ANP 2+ and act on several causes causing hair loss.
• The ampoules prevent hair loss and revitalize weak and anemic hair.
• Hair becomes healthy, shiny, and strong.
• With a very high concentration (40%) in ANP (tricholipids – horse mane extract), this product has a truly regenerating effect on the hair and its roots.

• Stimulates Hair Growth.
• Slows Down Hair Loss.
• Regenerates the Hair Roots.
• Stimulates the Production of Keratin.

Active Ingredient:

Points Of Interest:
• Hair Loss Stopped or Reduced by 85% after 2 Months.
• Obvious Hair Re-growth in 67% after 4 Months.
• Distinct Improvement in Seborrhea in 91%.
• Increases hair growth and improves the firmness of the roots.
• Hair will be visibly stronger,thicker and recover its vitality.
• Nourishes and adds shine to the hair. Ideal for both men and women.

How To Use:
• Apply one ampoule onto the scalp, section by section, for maximum action on the roots. Massage slowly and gently into the scalp.
• Leave for 1/2 hour then follow with anp 2+shampoo.
• It is possible to leave the ampoule on overnight, wrapping hair in a towel to avoid staining the bedding.
• Shampoo the following morning.
• Apply one vial every other day for two months.
• Apply one vial every three days during the third month.

Dosage Form:

8×5 ml

room temperature.

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