Fucithalmic Eye Drops 5Gm for eye infection

Fucithalmic antibiotic eye drops treat bacterial eye Infections (Bacterial Conjunctivitis).
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Fucithalmic 5 gm - Eye Drops
Fusidic acid.

Fucithalmic is an eye drop medicine used to treat eye infections of the eyes caused by germs (bacterial conjunctivitis).It is an antimicrobial agent that inhibits bacterial protein synthesis and kills a wide range of gram-positive organisms.
Fucithalmic belongs to a group of medicines called antibiotic (anti-infective).

• Inflammation of the white of the eye, caused by bacteria (called “conjunctivitis” or “red eye”).
• Sty (infection of a hair follicle in the eyelid).
• Inflammation of the eyelid (called “blepharitis”).
• Inflammation of the cornea “keratitis”.

Points of interest:
Keep using Fucithalmic for at least 48 hours after your eye appears to have returned to normal.
Do not use your tube of Fucithalmic if it has been opened for longer than 28 days. Throw away your
tube of Fucithalmic 28 days after it is first opened.

Active Ingredient:
Fusidic Acid.

Side effects:
•Itchy or stinging eyes.
• Blurred vision.
•Skin irritation.

• Contact lenses must NOT be worn during treatment with Fucithalmic.
• Do not wear contact lenses until 24 hours after the end of your treatment.

How to use:
The recommended dosage is one drop of Fucithalmic into each eye infection.

Dosage Form:
Eye Drops.

5 gm.

How to store:
keep at room temperature.