Halita Mouthwash 500 ml

Mouthwash acting against bad breath
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Halita Mouthwash 500 ml 301-H01

A solution acting against bad breath limiting the production of volatile sulfur compounds, at the origin of unpleasant breath.

Active ingredients:

Glycerin, Xylitol, Methylparaben, Zinc Lactate,


• Neutralizes smelly substances responsible for the bad breath in the mouth.
• Halita Mouthwash helps fight against dental plaque and its consequences on gums, and teeth and participates in oral-dental hygiene, daily.

How To Use:

• Perform gargles with 15ml of solution for 1 minute two times a day, morning and evening, after the teeth brushing.
• Do not swallow.

Points Of Interest:

• For optimal efficiency, use Halita Mouthwash with Halita toothpaste, spray, and tongue-scraper.
• Halita Mouthwash is alcohol-free.

Made in:



500 ml

Store at room temperature.