Halita Tongue Cleaner 1 Pc

A tongue cleaner that is used to reduce plaque build-up in the mouth and to maintain fresh breath throughout the day.

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Halita Tongue Cleaner 1 Pc 301-H04

Halita Tongue Cleaner is an effective tool for cleaning the tongue and maintaining oral and dental health.
It can be used after dental procedures to promote oral hygiene.
The tool helps reduce plaque and biofilm, which can cause tooth decay and gum problems.
It also has two edges, one flat to clean the sides and the other wavy to clean the center of the tongue.

- Easy to use.
- Double-edge design.
Benefits of the tongue cleaner:
- Reduces bad breath.
- Keeps the mouth fresh.
- Maintains oral health.
- Reduces plaque build-up.;
How to use the tongue cleaner:
- First, clean the middle part of the tongue using the convex outer part of the tongue cleaner.
- Secondly, clean the side parts of the tongue using the soft part of the tool.
- Finally, to get completely clean, use Halita mouthwash and Halita spray during the day.

- Size: 1 pc
- Made in Spain

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