Hansaplast Frozen Strips 20 Pcs

Wound plasters with cartoon graphics created especially for children that cover and protect wounds.

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Hansaplast Frozen Strips 20'S 

Hansaplast plasters to protect wounds from exposure to germs.
Easy to place and remove, as it does not cause pain to the child.
Have soft and non-adhesive area in the middle to provide comfort to the wound.
Attracts the child's attention because of its beautiful cartoon graphics.
Have a unique texture that allows the skin underneath to breathe.

Features of Hansaplast Frozen Strips:
- Water resistant.
- Skin friendly.
- Attractive cartoon graphics.
Benefits of Hansaplast Frozen Strips:
- Accelerates wound healing process.
- Preserves the integrity of the skin underneath.
- Keeps wounds clean.
- Covering and protecting wounds from germs and bacteria.;
How To Use Hansaplast Strips:
- Clean the wound well.
- Make sure the wound is completely dry.
- Apply without stretching.

- Size: 20 strips
- Made in Spain