Lacalut Dental Floss 50 m

Dental floss that removes food residues and plaque prevents plaque build-up on the teeth and maintains fresh breath.

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Lacalut Dental Floss 50 m

Lacalut Dental Floss maintains oral hygiene by removing plaque and food residue.
This Dental floss is made of nylon and covered with wax- meaning it is easy to slide between the teeth and does not cause irritation.
Lacalut Dental Floss provides thorough cleaning of the mouth and teeth by removing food particles and plaque that regular brushing may miss and helps prevent bad breath by eliminating odor- causing bacteria.
Benefits of dental floss:
• Prevents plaque buildup.
• Cleanses hard- to- reach areas.
•Removes bacteria that lead to cavities.
• Maintains a fresh breath.;
Dental floss features:
• Refreshing mint scent.
• Covered with wax.
• Strong and tear- resistant.
• The dental floss is 50 m- long string.
How to use dental floss:
- Use 40 cm each time.
- Wrap the thread on the middle finger of each hand.
- Place the floss between the thumb and forefinger and move it back and forth between the teeth.
- Size: 50 m
- Made in Germany

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