Lacalut Teens +8 Years Toothpaste 50 ml

A toothpaste for children that maintains their oral health and protects milk teeth from cavities.

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Lacalut Teens +8 Years Toothpaste 50 ml

Lacalut Toothpaste for children over 8 years old from Lacalut is specially formulated to support children to brush their teeth regularly.
It maintains the health of milk teeth, prevents tooth decay, and cleans the spaces between the teeth.
It contains 1400 parts per million of fluoride and prevents the accumulation of plaque on children's teeth.
Fluoride in children's toothpaste helps strengthen teeth and prevents enamel erosion.

Active ingredients:
Sodium Fluoride, Amin fluoride, Methylparaben, Sodium Benzoate.
Benefits of children's toothpaste:
- Prevents tooth decay.
- Cleans teeth effectively and safely.
- Prevents plaque buildup.
- Maintains children's oral health.;
How to use children's toothpaste:
- Use your children's toothpaste two to three times a day, after each meal.

- Size: 50 ml
- Made in Germany

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