Leukofix 5cm x 5m

A breathable, transparent medical plaster with perforated fabric that can be used to fix all kinds of bandages and medical plasters.

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Leukofix 5cm x 5m

Leukofix Plaster is a transparent roll that is easy and convenient to use.
The Plaster can be used to fix medical bandages and dressings.
It is also used in the fixation of catheters (cannula) and other medical devices.
The plaster features an adhesive that is gentle on the skin and has a long-lasting effect.
Additionally, the plaster is made of polyethylene, which allows air and moisture to reach the skin.
It can be easily torn lengthwise or crosswise to obtain a convenient size for use.
Leukofix Plaster Being completely transparent, the plaster allows for a see-through preview without needing to be removed.

- Transparent.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Breathable.
- Long-lasting adhesion.
- Water-proof.
Benefits of Leukofix Plaster:
- Maintains bandages fixed.
- Prevents entry of germs into the wounds.
- Keeps the wound isolated, as it is characterized by strong adhesion.
- Allows air and moisture to reach the skin.;
How To Use Leukofix Plaster:
- To use Leukofix Plaster, simply cut the desired size from the roll using scissors, as it can be easily cut lengthwise or crosswise.
- Apply the plaster to clean, dry skin.

- Size: 5 cm×5m
- Made in Germany