Leukopor 5cm x 5m

A breathable and comfortable white medical plaster that can securely fix all types of bandages and medical dressings.

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Leukopor 5cm x 5m 

Leukoplast Medical Plaster is a comfortable and easy-to-use fabric roll.
It securely fixes all types of medical bandages and dressings.
Leukoplast is commonly used to fix catheters (cannulas) and other medical devices.
The plaster features a hypoallergenic and long-lasting adhesive.
Leukoplast plaster is waterproof and protects the wound from germs and dirt.
The unique fabric composition is breathable and allows air and moisture to reach the skin.

- Paper plaster.
- Skin-friendly.
- Breathable.
- Long-lasting adhesion.
- Water-proof.
Benefits of Leukopor:
- Maintains bandages fixed.
- Prevents entry of germs into the wounds.
- Keeps the wound isolated, as it is characterized by strong adhesion.
- Allows air and moisture to reach the skin.;
How To Use Leukopor:
- To use Leukoplast Medical Plaster, simply tear off the desired size from the roll.
- Apply the plaster to clean, dry skin.

- Size: 5 cm×5m
- Made in Germany