Malibu Fast Tanning Oil with Beta Carotene 200 ml

A fast-acting tanning oil that is used to accelerate the natural tanning process



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Malibu Fast Tanning Oil W/ Carotene 200ml

Malibu Fast Tanning Oil W/ Carotene is an effective tanning oil that promotes a fast and long-lasting tan.
The oil's active ingredients include beta carotene and vitamin E which work together to enhance the skin's natural pigmentation process and protect it from harmful UV rays.
Beta carotene helps to improve the skin's elasticity and moisture retention, while vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties that protect against free radical damage.
Malibu Fast Tanning Oil W/ Carotene has a tropical coconut fragrance that gives the tanning oil a pleasant scent while its water-resistant properties ensure long-lasting protection even during water activities.

Active ingredients:
Beta Carotene , Vitamin E

Malibu Fast Tanning Oil W/ Carotene Benefits:
• Dermatologically tested ensuring its safety and effectiveness.
• Helps to achieve a fast, deep, and long-lasting tan.
• Nourish and protect the skin.
• Features a tropical coconut fragrance.
• Water-resistant formula ensures long-lasting protection.

Directions for use of the Malibu Fast Tanning Oil W/ Carotene 200ml EM830:
• Apply the oil evenly a quarter of an hour before exposure to the sun.

Points of interest:
• Only for external use.
• Do not use on broken skin.
• Avoid contact with fabrics and eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with clean water.
• Not suitable for children.
• The oil does not offer sun protection.

Made in:
United Kingdom

200 ml

Store at room temperature