Malibu Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion 150 ml

A self-tanning lotion that enables you to get a natural and attractive tan without exposure to the sun.



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Malibu Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion 150 ml

Malibu Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion is a tanning lotion that gives the skin a natural tan without exposure to sunlight.
This happens as a result of the lotion containing dihydroxyacetone, which interacts with the amino acids present on the skin to change the skin color.
The Lotion also contains vitamin E, panthenol, and glycerin. These ingredients provide the skin with hydration and nutrition, as well as soothing the skin.
Malibu Tanning Lotion gives you a beautiful, attractive tan in an easy and quick way to achieve a soft and smooth look.

Active ingredients:
Dihydroxyacetone, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Cetyl Alcohol.
Benefits of Malibu Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion:
- Gives you a natural and attractive skin tone.
- Provides ease and comfort to the tanning process as you do not need to be exposed to the sun
- Protects the skin from exposure to sunburn when doing the usual tanning.
- Keeps the skin moisturized and soft and reduces redness and irritation.;
How to use Malibu Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion:
- Put a small amount of lotion on the skin and spread it well until it covers the entire area, then wait for it to be absorbed.
- Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying Malibu tanning lotion.
- You will get the final color of the skin 4-5 hours after applying the lotion.
- You can apply another layer of lotion if you want a darker color.

- Size: 150 ml
- Made in England