Mebo Dressing For External Wound 60*120 mm 5'S

 Non-woven fabric dressing material soaked with an ointment

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Mebo Dressing 60*120mm(2.15g) 5's
Adhesive pad , non-woven fabric dressing material soaked with an ointment. The ointement is composed of beta- sitosterol 0.25%, sesame oil, beeswax and nutritional elements needed for skin vitalityand regeneration.
The dressing isolates the wound or burn from external enviroment and provides physilogical moisture necessary for wound healing.

•Superficial and partial thickness burn.
•Skin ulcers.
•Surgical wounds.

How to use:
Clean the wound. Take out the dressing material from overwrap and place it on the wound. Cover the dressing material with the adhesive pad. Change the dressing once a day till the wound is healed.

Points of interest:
• Do not use open or damaged pack. 
•For external use only.
•For single use only.
•Keep out of the children.
•Store below 25cْ

Made in:
Julpher Pharmaceutical Company, UAE

5 pcs.