Naara Hydrogen Rich Water Generator

A device that produces water enriched with hydrogen for various health benefits on the skin and body

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Naara Hydrogen Rich Water Generator

Naara Hydrogen Rich Water Generator is a revolutionary and innovative device that produces hydrogen-rich water.
The device produces water that is renowned for its numerous health benefits making it an essential addition to your daily routine.
Naara Hydrogen Rich Water Generator makes water that helps slow down the aging process while washing your hands and face with it keeps your skin in excellent condition.
The Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer is designed to enhance your overall well-being, enabling you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Material: Polycarbonate and ABS.
Working Voltage: DC 3.7V.0.4A.
Power: 5VA under.
Bottle Capacity: Approx.550ml.
Size: Diameter6.7cm x24.7cm.

Naara Hydrogen Rich Water Generator Benefits:
• Produces hydrogen-rich water which has various health benefits for your body and skin.
• Easy to use and fast to generate a cup of hydrogen water in 5 minutes.
• Portable and can be powered by different sources, making it convenient for any situation.
• Emits a blue light during the electrolysis to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Direction for use of the Naara Hydrogen Rich Water Generator:
• Follow the instructions found in the Naara Hydrogen Rich Water Generator's packaging.

More information:
• Avoid electrolyzing water with high chloride levels.
• Use boiled tap water or mineral water for hydrogen-rich water production.
• Protect the USB port from water when cleaning the item.
• Clean the item with a soft cloth or sponge, not steel wool or an abrasive cleanser.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

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Store at room temperature