NaARa Hydrogen / Oxygen Rich Water Generator

The first water bottle that generates hydrogen water or oxygen together in one device

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Benefits of drinking hydrogen water

(1) The hydrogen water jug ​​makes the water molecules much smaller, which will be better absorbed by the cell membrane and promote metabolism
(2) The hydrogen water machine can improve the function of cell repair and regeneration
(3) Alkaline water can reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation and enhance the elasticity of blood vessels

Oxygen-enriched water has a number of positive aspects and brings great benefits to the body

Quickly restores the lack of oxygen in the tissues of the body
Speeds up metabolism and improves blood circulation.
Contributes to improving the functioning of the digestive system
Beneficial effect on the immune system of the body as a whole
Relieves fatigue, increase efficiency
Due to the large amount of oxygen, the absorption and absorption of minerals and amino acids is accelerated
Device Features:

One-button quick start USB rechargeable, saving more money than a bottle of hydrogenated water
Made of high quality borosilicate glass, without any harmful chemicals
The water ionizer bottle can be used about 15 times on a single charge
Easy and convenient for office, travel and work
The first device to saturate water with oxygen or hydrogen in one device
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