Nee Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation 2 SPF 15

A liquid foundation with medium-high coverage that helps to cover skin imperfections, giving your skin a healthy, radiant look.



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Nee Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation 2 SPF 15

Nee perfect skin oxygen foundation is specially designed for dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin.
It gives your skin the perfect look as it covers pigmentation, and pores, and gives your skin a healthy look.
Nee foundation contains Oxygen complex that regenerates, moisturizes, and softens your skin.
The foundation is very to blend, and it is buildable.
Shades No.: 2
How to use Nee foundation:
- Apply a proper amount of foundation on the back of your hands.
- Use a foundation brush or a beauty blender to apply the foundation on your face.
- Moisturizes your skin before applying any foundation.
- Do not forget to wash your foundation brush after using it to prevent skin inflammations.