Nimo Breast Pads 40 Pcs

Breast pad help absorb the excess milk after breastfeeding and keep your nipples and clothes dry.

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Nimo Breast Pads 40 Pcs

The Nimo breast pad with its super absorbent Polymer help suck up the excess milk after breast feeding and keep the nipples dry.

Their soft breathable surface and padding made of pure cellulose prevents skin irritation and stain on your clothes.
The ergonomic shape fits to all kind of breast and bras and does not show under your clothes, it also has a sticky side to prevent slide.

• Absorb excess milk after breastfeeding.
• Keep the nipples dry.

How to use:
Remove the sticker on the pad and place with the sticky side into your lingerie.

Points of interest:
• It is important to keep the nipples all the time dry.
• Pads must be replaced after each nursing in order to prevent bacteria formation.

room temperature.

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