Novaclear Hydro Serum 30 ml

A serum that moisturizes skin and prevents dryness while stimulating collagen production



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Novaclear Hydro Serum 30 ml

Novaclear Hydro Serum is a serum that moisturizes the skin and protects it from signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
The serum contains a unique combination of effective ingredients that ensure deep and long-lasting hydration of the skin.
The formula also reduces wrinkles by stimulating collagen production in the skin and preventing moisture loss through the skin.
Novaclear Hydro Serum is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry skin, and it is dermatologically tested.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Stem Cells, Hydromanil, Rice Extract.
Benefits of Novaclear Hydro Serum:
- Maintains the softness and moisture of the skin.
- Saves water in the deep layers of the skin.
- Increases collagen production, which reduces aging.
- Soothes the skin and reduces irritation and redness.;
How to use Novaclear Hydro Serum:
- After cleansing the skin, apply a few drops of the serum directly to the face, neck, and décolletage.
- Spread the serum well on the skin using your fingertips.

- Size: 30 ml.
- Made in Poland