Novatopia Emollient Milk Bath 150 ml For Very Dry & Atopic Skin

A cleansing body milk that is suitable for all family members helps to cleanse the skin without stripping its moisture.

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Novatopia Emollient Milk Bath 150 ml

Novatopia cleanser is specially formulated to cleanse the scalp, face, and body, leaving you feeling fresh.
This cleanser is suitable for infants, children, and adults.
It helps to protect the skin and its health, It additionally boosts skin softness and radiance.
Novatopia Emollient Milk Bath Benefits:
- Maintains skin moisture.
- Cleanses deeply and removes all dirt and impurities.
- Strengthens skin's natural barrier.
- Improves skin health.;
How To Use Novatopia Emollient Milk Bath:
- Apply a small quantity of Novatopia Emollient Milk bath to wet skin and scalp and gently massage.
- Rinse off thoroughly.
- Size: 150 ml
- Made in Switzerland