Nutricia Nutrini Drink Vanilla Flavour 400 g

Vanilla flavored milk for kids from 1-12 years old, rich in nutrients including vitamins and minerals that your child needs to grow healthy.

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Nutricia Nutrini Drink Vanilla Flavour 400 g

Nutricia Nutrini Drink with a delicious vanilla flavor for children from one year of age to support their health and proper growth.
Neutrini contains a complete and high nutritional value and provides your child with energy.
Nutrini Milk has a formula rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins and is free of gluten, fiber and lactose.
Neutrini Drink Milk is designed to help improve some of the health problems in children such as malnutrition or delayed growth.
It's intended for use under medical supervision or under the supervision of a nutritionist.
Not suitable for children with a galactosamine disorder..

Active ingredients:
Calcium, Vitamin D,Vitamin B, Iron,Folic acid,Vitamin E,Zinc.
Benefits of Nutricia Nutrini Drink Vanilla Flavour:
- Promotes normal growth.
- Strengthens bones and teeth.
- Provides the body with important nutrients.
- gives the child vitality and activity.;
How to use Nutricia Nutrini Drink Vanilla Flavour:
To prepare 200 ml of the preparation:
- Put 150 ml of cold water.
- Gradually add 10 tablespoons of the powder.
- Mix the ingredients well until it is completely dissolved.
- The meal must be used within two hours of its preparation.
- It is recommended to use the spoon that comes with milk.

- Size: 400 grams
- Made in Germany