Oliv Extra Rich Foot Balm Tube 50 ml

Foot care cream moisturizes and softens the heels and reduces dryness and cracking of the feet.



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Oliv Extra Rich Foot Balm Tube 50 ml

Oliv foot balm provides intensive care for feet and heels.
It works to soften the feet and maintain the natural moisture balance.
Edelweiss flower stimulates blood circulation and soothes skin irritations.
Rosemary protects against fungal infections that cause bad smell.
Shea butter and sunflower repair skin cracks and speed up their healing.
Benefits of a foot balm:
• Keeps the feet moist.
• Reduces annoying cracks.
• Treats rough heels.
• Soothes the smell of the feet.;
المواد الفعالة:
• Green tea extract:
- Improves skin elasticity.
- Activates blood circulation.
- Increases skin softness.
• Rosemary oil:
- Antimicrobial.
- Improves blood flow to the skin.
- Deeply moisturizes the skin.
• Meadowsweet extract:
- Rich in antioxidants.
- It contains salicylic acid.
- Anti-dermatitis.
- Soothes irritated skin.
• Aloe vera extract:
- Prevent dry skin.
- Keeps heels soft.
- Relieve dermatitis.
• Niaouli(Tea tree oil):
- Antiseptic for the skin.
- Antimicrobial and fungal.
- Soothes and relieves itching.
• Shea Butter:
- Increase skin elasticity.
- Improve skin appearance.
- Rich in vitamins.
- Reduce cracks in the heels.
• Olive leaves Extract:
- Powerful antioxidants.
- Protects from free radicals.
- Activates skin cell regeneration.
• Edelweiss flower:
- Prevents collagen breakdown.
- Activates blood circulation.
- Moisturizing and soothing to the skin.
How to use a foot moisturizer:
- Apply Palm Oliv all over your feet and rub it well.
- Size: 50 ml.
- Made in France.