Otosan Ear Drop 10 mL

Cleanses the ear and protects the ear while restoring its physiological balance

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Otosan Natural Ear Drops

Otosan Natural Ear Drops are used to get rid of excessive wax in a natural and pain-free way.
Formulated using gentle ingredients like essential oils and calming chamomile, these natural ear drops are designed to soften the wax and prevent build-ups that lead to hearing impairments, ear infections, or earache.
Otosan Natural Ear Drops also contain propolis, a compound produced by bees that have long been thought to have natural healing powers and infection-fighting properties.
Using these ear drops for clogged ears will therefore not only help remove unwanted wax but also keep your ear canals healthy and free from inflammation.


Otosan Natural Ear Drops Soothes redness and skin rashes.
• Cleanses the ear.
• Protects the ear while restoring its physiological balance.

Active Ingredient:

Sweet almond oil, Blackcurrant oil, Organic borage oil, Chamomile extract (Bisabolol), Vitamin E

Side effects:

• Quite safe without side effects.

How To Use:

To prevent earwax accumulation, it is recommended to use Otosan Ear Drops once a week.
However, if there is a wax plug it is recommended to use the product twice a day for 3-4 days.

Dosage Form:

Ear Drops.


10 mL


Stores at room temperature.

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