Pic Insumed Syringe For Insulin 1 ml 30G*12.7 mm 30 Pcs

Insulin syringes from Pic are designed to provide highly accurate doses of insulin with the help of a magnifying glass for clear reading of the graduation marks.

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Pic Insumed Syringe For Insulin 1 ml 30G*12.7 mm 30 Pcs

Pic insulin syringes provide an almost painless injection and highly accurate dosing of insulin.
The syringes feature a Zero-Space design with the needle attached directly to the grading cylinder
This feature prevents insulin from gathering in the voids and ensuring precise measurement.
Pic package includes a magnifying glass to aid in reading the graduation marks, particularly for the elderly.
The rubber on the pulling handle of the syringe contacts the transparent cylinder at three points, keeping the needle stable during drawing and injection.

- Sterile needle.
- High accuracy.
- magnifying glass.
- Latex free.
- Cap maintains sterilization.


Benefits of Pic Insumed syringes:
- Ensures accurate amount of treatment.
- Hypoallergenic as it is latex free.
- Easily penetrates the skin without causing pain.
- Ensures permanent sterilization as it is sterile and has a sterile cover.;
How to use Pic Insumed syringes:
- Pic Insumed syringes are intended for immediate use after opening the package.
- The needle is used once and is used by one person only.
- Remove the cap when using and put it back on before throwing it in the trash so it doesn't pose a danger to anyone.
- The needle guarantees sterility because of the cap, so do not use it if there are signs of damage to the cap.

- Size: 30 syringes, needle size 12.7 mm
- Made in Italy

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