Pic Insupen Pen Needles 32G*4 mm 100 Pcs

Insulin pen needles that help inject insulin under the skin without feeling pain

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Pic Insupen Pen Needles 32G*4 mm 100 Pcs

Pic insulin pen needles are designed to provide a light and nearly painless injection that can be used with insulin pens of all kinds.
The needles come in various sizes and lengths, allowing users to choose the appropriate size for their specific pen.
With their smooth sharpening and unique design, Pic needle tips easily penetrate the skin and reduce the sensation of pain during injection.

- Latex free.
- Fully sterilized.
- One use only.
Benefits of Pic Insupen Pen Needles :
- Hypoallergenic as it is latex free.
- Easily penetrates the skin without causing pain.
- Ensures permanent sterilization as it is used once.
- Ensures accurate amount of treatment.;
How to use Pic Insupen Pen Needles :
- Look at the list of insulin prefilled pen on the box, these pens fit the size of these tips.
- The needle is used once and is used by one person only.

- Size: 100pcs, needle size 32 g*4 mm
- Made in Italy