Polygynax Vaginal Caps 12'S

Polygynax is indicated in the local treatment of vaginal infections

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Polygynax Vaginal Caps 12'S

Neomycin sulfate, Polymyxin B sulfate, Nystatin
• Polygynax Vaginal Capsule is a topical anti-infectious agent (G. genitourinary tract)
• Polygynax Vaginal Capsule is a broad spectrum combination of nystatin, neomycin, and polymyxin B indicated for:
local treatment of vaginitis due to sensitive germs and treatment of nonspecific vaginitis in adults.

Active ingredients:

Neomycin sulphate, Polymyxin B sulphate, Nystatin, ,


• Polygynax Vaginal Capsule is a topical treatment of vaginal infections.

How To Use:

• Place one Polygynax capsule deep in the vagina for 12 days. It is preferable and easier to insert the capsule while lying down on your back with the knees apart.

Practical advice when Polygynax Vaginal Capsule use:

• To avoid contaminating the people around you, use cotton underwear.
• Wear cotton underwear.
• Avoid vaginal douches.
• Avoid using tampons during the use of Polygynax Capsule.
• Do not stop Polygynax Capsule during menstrual periods.

Side Effects of Polygynax Vaginal Capsule:

• Possibility of contact with allergic eczema or away from the site of application in case of prolonged use.


• Allergy to one of Polygynax Capsule ingredients or another substance of the same family
• Use of latex diaphragms or condoms during adding Polygynax Capsule.


• Polygynax Capsule contains soybean oil. If you are allergic to peanuts or soya, do not use Polygynax Capsule.
• Stop treatment in case of local intolerance or allergic reactions.
• Inform your physician in case of renal failure.
• Do not exceed the treatment duration of Polygynax Capsule recommended by your physician.
• The use of Polygynax Vaginal Capsule is not recommended during pregnancy.
• Polygynax Capsule must not be taken while breastfeeding. In general, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always ask their physician or pharmacist for advice before taking any drugs.

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12 Vaginal Capsules

Store at room temperature.