President Profi Plus Gum Balm 30 ml

Topical balm helps to relieve gums irritation.



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President Profi Plus Gum Balm 30 ml
President Profi Plus gum balm has a calming effect, it is suitable for those suffering from periodontal disease or irritated gums and for people who wear braces.

It contains:
Chlorhexidine Di gluconate: Helps to treat gum disease and inflammation.
Mallow and Chamomile: Sooth and calm irritated gums.
Hyaluronic acid: helps to protect gums and mucous.

Active ingredients:
Chlorhexidine, Mallow, Chamomile, Hyaluronic acid.

• President gum balm relieves gums irritation
• It has anti-inflammatory properties.
• President Profi Balm helps to protect, moisturize, and soothe gum.

How to use:
Squeeze a small amount of the balm directly on your finger or soft toothbrush and apply it to your gums.
Leave to act for about 5 - 10 minutes and then rinse your mouth out with water.

Points of interest:
• Do not swallow.
• keep out of the reach of children.
• Stop using immediately if your gums become irritated, red, or highly sensitive during use, and consult your dentist.

Made in:

30 ml.

Store at room temperature.

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