Red Seal Kids Toothpaste 75 g

A free fluoride toothpaste for children with Bubble Gum flavor, protects against cavities while eliminating dirt and bacteria that cause infections.

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Red Seal Kids Toothpaste 75 g

A children's toothpaste with natural formula, safe and effective in maintaining child's teeth health.
A natural cleaner to protect gums, prevent accumulation of dirt and food residues, and reduce cavities and tartar.
Contains natural essential oils that enhance freshness, prevent bad breath and help heal sores.

Active ingredients:
Calcium carbonate, Cellulose gum, Banana Flavor, Peach Flavor, Eucalyptus oil.
Red Seal Kids Toothpaste Benefits:
- Maintaining dental health.
- Preventing caries and calculus.
- Feeling refreshed.
- Protecting gums and mouth.

Properties of Red Seal children's toothpaste:
- Contains natural sweeteners
- Free o irritating chemicals
- Free of parabens and colorants
- Contains natural minerals instead of fluoride.;
How To Use Red Seal Kids Toothpaste:
- Red Seal children's toothpaste is designed to be easily absorbed by the mouth, eliminating the need for rinsing with water, particularly for children under 5.
- It is recommended to use a small pea-sized amount of paste twice daily after meals for 2 minutes.

- Size: 75 g
- Made in New Zealand

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