Revlon Ceramic Small Porcupine Round Brush

Round hair brush for styling hair to make it look thicker and smoother



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Revlon Ceramic Small Porcupine Round Brush

Revlon Ceramic Small Porcupine is a round hair brush that is perfect for use with a heat blower for hair styling. The Revlon brush increases the volume and density of hair and gives it extra smoothness to make it look more attractive. This Revlon hair brush is made of nylon bristles that are best for controlling and styling normal hair. It's works through ionic technology that prevents frizz and has a plastic handle to give extra ease of use and control.

• Brush features technology that’s ionic for styling that’s smooth.
• Creates height and volume.
• Controls and directs frizz For those with frizzy hair.

How to use:
Follow the instructions included on the Revlon hairbrush packaging.

More information:
• For better results, use it with a thermal hair dryer.
• Intended for adult use.
• The Revlon hair brush is suitable for use on all hair types.

Made in:

Store at room temperature

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