Schick Intuition Sensitive Women Blades 3 Pcs

Sensitive Skin Women's Razor Refills with Vitamin E and Aloe vera



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Schick Intuition Sensitive Women Blades 3 Pcs

Schick Intuition blade refills have a unique skin moisturizing solid with organic aloe and vitamin E to help moisturize sensitive skin during shaving.
Its hypoallergenic formula is gentle on your skin.
The pivoting head follows the contours of a woman’s body to help minimize irritation.
It contains 4 blades for a close, smooth shave.
All you have to do is just add water and shave.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin E, Aloe vera

• Schick refill blades provide close, comfortable, and convenient shave.
• Helps to minimize irritation, delivering an incredibly smooth shave.
• No need to gel.
• Easy and quick to use.
• Shave in one easy step.
• Dermatologist tested.

How to use:
• Attach the head.
• Add water.
• Shave.
• No need to use shaving gel.

Points of interest:
• Frequently rinse bade with water during shaving and after each use.
• Save shield for storage and disposal.
• Be careful while touching the blade.
• keep out of the children.

Made in:

3 Pieces.

Store at room temperature.