Slack Anti-Abscess Cream 50 g

Used to treat the inflammatory skin conditions resulting from abscesses, boils carbuncles, paronychia, and hidradenitis

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Slack Anti-Abscess 50g – Cream

Slack cram is an herbal supplement that acts as an anti-inflammatory by herbal extracts.

Slack cream help to treat inflammatory skin conditions like abscesses, boils carbuncles, paronychia, and hidradenitis.

It helps in the relief of symptoms of inflammations like swallowing and pain as well as healing the infected areas rapidly.

The ingredients in this cream include Chlorhexidine, Turmeric Extract, Garlic Oil, Clausville, Camellia Oil, Teak Leaf Extract, Pomegranate Peel Extract, Clove Oil, and Linseed oil.

Active ingredients:
Chlorhexidine, Turmeric Extract, Garlic Oil, Linseed oil, Peel Extract

• Anti-inflammation
• Relieves itching, pain, fever, and swelling in the affected area
• Rapid healing and treats the affected area
• provides Herbal odor refresh to the affected area

How to use:
Apply a thin layer to the affected area with a gentle massage.
It applies three times daily.

Points of interest:
• Keep out of the children.
• For topical use only.
• Avoid contact with eyes.

Made in:

50 g

Store at room temperature