Vagheggi 75.15 Cleansing Cream 200 ml

A cleansing cream that used to purify and clean skin by removing impurities.



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Vagheggi 75.15 Cleansing Cream 200 ml

Vagheggi Cleansing cream is specially formulated to cleanse your skin deeply and leaves your skin feeling fresh.
It boosts your skin's softness, giving your skin a silky and velvet touch.
Vagheggi Cleansing Cream provides long-lasting hydration to maintain your skin health and beauty.
VAGHEGGI 75.15 Cleansing Cream Benefits:
• It effectively removes makeup.
• Prevents skin from drying out.
• Improves skin elasticity.
• Maintains skin health by strengthening the skin's natural barrier.;
Active Ingredients:
• Hyaluronic acid:
- Anti-aging effect.
- Plumping effect.
- Provides deep hydration.
• Passionflower Oil:
- Softens the skin
- Soothing effect
- Nourishing action
• Cupuaçú Butter:
- Moisturizing agent
- Has anti-inflammatory effect.
- Provides anti-oxidant effect.
How To Use Vagheggi Cleansing Cream:
• Apply a small quantity of Vagheggi Cleansing Cream on the face, neck, and décolleté, massage the product with your fingertips and then rinse off with water.
• Size: 200 ml
• Made in Italy