Vagheggi 75.15 Gel Mask For Face And Eyes 10 g

An anti- aging mask for the face and eye that is used to get rid of wrinkles.



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Vagheggi 75.15 Gel Mask For Face And Eyes 10 g

Vagheggi Mask contains a combination of active ingredients that help to maintain skin youth.
It reduces all signs of aging, giving you flawless and radiant skin.
Vagheggi Mask can be used to get rid of dark circles and puffiness.
• Lightens dark circles.
• Removes wrinkles and fine lines.
• Maintains skin hydration.
• Improves skin appearance.;
Active Ingredients:
• Brown Algae :
- Provides antioxidant effect.
- Has an anti-aging effect.
- Boosts skin regeneration.
• Aloe Vera :
- Moisturizes skin.
- Soothes and calms skin.
- Rich in Amino Acids and Vitamins that nourish the skin.
• Sunflower Seed Oil
- Protect skin from free radicals.
- Reduces signs of aging.
- Strengthens the skin barrier.
How To Use VAGHEGGI 75.15 Gel Mask :
- Pour 40 ml of water into the dish provided and then sprinkle three spatulas of powder over the surface.
- Leave to swell for a few seconds, then stir gently to give a gel-like mask.
- Use the spatula to apply to the face (if like, and to the eyelids) and leave for 10 minutes.
- Remove with cotton wool discs soaked in Precious Toner.
- Size: 10 g
- Made in Italy