Vagheggi Bio+ Shower Cleanser 250 ml

A body cleanser that cleanses, and protects your skin from external factors in addition to providing optimal hydration.

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Vagheggi Bio+ Shower Cleanser 250 ml

Vagheggi Bio+ Shower Cleanser helps to cleanse and rehydrates the skin.
It helps you to get silky and smooth skin, in addition, it strengthens the skin's natural barrier.
Vagheggi Bio+ Shower Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and it is also suitable for adults and children as it is very gentle on the skin.

Active ingredients:
Linseed oil, Distilled water from organic orange flowers, Vitamin E, Malvasia, and Coconut oil derivatives.
VAGHEGGI Bio+ Shower Cleanser Benefits:
- Soothes skin.
- Provides long-lasting hydration.
- Nourishes the skin.
- Protects skin from free radicals.;
How To Use VAGHEGGI Bio+ Shower Cleanser:
- Apply to wet skin, massage gently, then rinse.

- Size: 250 ml
- Made in Italy