Vagheggi Emozioni Plus Anti-pollution Drops SPF +50 30 ml

A lotion that helps to protect the skin from free radicals damage to maintain skin health and radiance.



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Vagheggi Emozioni Plus Anti- pollution Drops SPF +50 30 ml

Vagheggi Emozioni Plus Lotion helps to maintain skin health by protecting it from oxidative stress.
This lotion helps protect the skin from sun damage as it contains SPF+ 50.
Vagheggi Emozioni Plus Lotion hydrates the skin, living it looking healthy and radiant.
VAGHEGGI Emozioni Plus Lotion Benefits:
- Protects the skin from free radical’s damage.
- Nourishes and soothes skin.
- Improves the appearance of dull and stressed skin.;
How to use VAGHEGGI Emozioni Plus Lotion:
- Shake well before use.
- Apply a few drops to the face, neck, and upper chest, and apply after the cream or serum.
- Size: 30 ml
- Made in Italy