VAGHEGGI Equilibrium Eye And Lip Make-up Remover 125 ml

An effective makeup remover that removes eyes and lips without leaving any residue.
Manufacturer: VAGHEGGI
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VAGHEGGI Equilibrium Eye And Lip Make- up Remover 125 ml

VAGHEGGI Equilibrium Eye and Lip Make-up Remover help to clean your skin and removes makeup even waterproof makeup with one swipe.
It is very gentle on the eye and lips and does not cause redness or irritation.
VAGHEGGI Equilibrium Make-up Remover gently cleans the skin and maintains its natural PH balance.
- Cleanses skin effectively.
- Removes dead cells build-up
- Reduces the chances of developing blemishes such as pimples and black head.;
Active Ingredients:
• Aloe gel:
- Moisturizes the skin.
- Anti-inflammatory properties.
- Soothes the skin and reduces redness
• Distilled Hamamelis
- Has anti-inflammatory properties.
- Has anti-bacterial properties.
• Panthenol :
- Improves skin hydration.
- Prevents moisture loss.
- Makes your skin look and feel fresh and smooth.
How To Use VAGHEGGI Equilibrium Make-up Remover:
- Apply a generous amount to a cotton pad then removes your eye makeup, then the lips.
- Size:125 ml
- Made in Italy