Vagheggi Intensive Tan Accelerator Gel 200 ml

A tanning gel that gives your skin a perfect golden color and provides it with moisturization.



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Vagheggi Intensive Tan Accelerator Gel 200 ml

Vagheggi Intensive Tan Accelerator Gel helps you to get a perfect and long- lasting tan.
It soothes skin and gives your skin a natural and beautiful color m in addition it is formulated with a Vanilla scent that makes you smell good.
- Stimulates melanin production to achieve a perfect tan look.
- Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
- Makes your skin silky smooth.;
Active ingredients:
• Vitamin E:
- A potent antioxidant agent.
- Helps to soften and nourish the skin.
- Protect cells from sun damage.
• Walnut Shell Extract:
- Gives skin a beautiful golden color.
- Soothes skin.
- Reduces redness.
- Nourishes and softens skin.
How to use VAGHEGGI Intensive Tan Accelerator Gel:
- After applying the cream with sunscreen, apply the product.
- Size: 200 ml
- Made In Italy