Vagheggi Lime Mineraliser Zinc & Orange Spray 200 ml

A refreshing spray that helps to improve skin appearance and protect it from free radicals.



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Vagheggi Lime Mineraliser Zinc & Orange Spray 200 ml

Vagheggi Lime Mineraliser Spray is used to improve the appearance of pale and tired skin.
It protects the skin from the external factors that cause oxidative stress.
Vagheggi Lime Mineraliser Spray gives you vitality skin as it helps to regenerate it.

Active ingredients:
Orange flower, Orange oil, Zinc, and Panthenol.
• Benefits:
- Provides antioxidant properties to protect the skin from free radicals.
- Helps to refresh the skin.
- Soothes the skin.
- Gives you bright and glowing skin.;
How To Use VAGHEGGI Lime Mineraliser Spray:
- Spray on the face, neck, and upper chest area.

- Size:200 ml
- Made in Italy